List of Illustrations and Examples of Text by Stuart Eldridge

1.    The God Binki. Click here

2.    Small pencil drawings: "Mount Fuji", "Water Mill for Cleaning Rice near Yedo", "Hore" and "Weaving" Click here

3.    Two Dinner Menus dated 1888 Click here

4.    Pen and ink drawings of Jinriksha and  Cango. Pencil sketch of an arch. Small water colour entitled "Making Candles. Click here

5.    Drawing of the crater of the volcano Komagatake from Mori Click here

6.    A note by Eldridge describing his mini-stroke or transient ischaemic attack (TIA) Click here

7.    Three photographs of Eldridge - two in army uniform and one with
       Japanese nationals Click here

8.    Map of the Great Fire of April 1872 Click here

9.    An example ofJapanese Calligraphy by Stuart Eldridge, "Bill of Fare" Click here

10.  Three water colours - "Hulling Rice" "Boat" and "Making Candles" Click here

11. Two pencil sketches - "A Natural Sculpture" and "Fujiyama from the Outskirts of Yedo"
      Click Here

12. Three Pencil Sketches - "Now they Hauled our Goods", "Yasokichi" and "Dinner's Ready!"
      Click Here

13. A watercolour and two sketches - "Japanese Persimmon", "Tora" and "View of Fuji from Ah-tango" Click Here

14. The Occasion of Eldridge's Presentation to the Emperor. Click Here

15. The Grand Dinner 9th September 1871. Click Here

16. A group photo with colleagues and students; Certificate of the Third Order of Merit.
      Click Here

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