Sketches, Watercolours and Written Passages by Stuart Eldridge

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jinriksha.gif (4852 bytes)"Jinriksha"
These carriages were of a most singular construction and propelled by manpower. They are known as "jinrikshas" and are the most luxurious conveyance known here, save a a very few clumsy wagons of English build or born in Japan of English parentage. Even these appear to be a late introduction ...

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  ... the old conveyance of the Japanese having been the "Cango". I enclose sketches of both
(August 1871 - first page of journals)

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"Making Candles"
"A workman seated in front of an earthen bowl of the fat, which is heated enough to make it soft and sticky, takes one of the sticks with a wick on it with his right hand and with the left gives it a coat of fat, sets it one side to harden and repeats the operation till the candle has attained the desired size."
(October 13th 1871)

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