Sketches, Watercolours and Written Passages by Stuart Eldridge


The Volcano Komagatake seen from Mori

komagatake.jpg (145431 bytes)

July 20th 1872. The script reads: "... (The slope down which we  half rolled, half climbed, was at an angle of more than 45 and stretched unbroken from) the peak to the very base of the mountain. A boulder which we started plunged wildly for at least a mile down the slope, leaping sometimes 100 feet into the air and at last disappearing into the forest where its course was marked by a huge commotion among the tree tops. On looking over the above I find I have neglected to give any description of the crater. I should judge it to average from the crater wall, excluding the peak, which forms a part of it, about 500 feet in depth..."

There are several web sites which describe Komagatake (Eldridge spells it "Komagadaki) locatable via the search engines. Below is a contemporary photograph of the volcano from Mori.

komagatake photo.jpg (9984 bytes)

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