Form my Slide Collection 1986

I started to take transparencies again in 1986 with a newly acquired Minolta 35mm SLR camera

sli-1986-01.JPG (244798 bytes)

Rhododendrons and Azaleas at Wisley


sli-1986-02.JPG (81566 bytes) sli-1986-03.JPG (66220 bytes)

Sarah aged 13

John aged 14

sli-1986-04.JPG (139693 bytes) sli-1986-06.JPG (133070 bytes)

Mary and Jessie at Canterbury

Meister Omer's - John's house at the King's School Canterbury

sli-1986-05.JPG (136371 bytes) sli-1986-07.JPG (132997 bytes)

With Jessie at a Zoo near Canterbury

Our neighbour's cat sitting on our doorstep

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