From my Slide Collection 1975
(Third of three pages)

More photos taken in Ireland in May

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The family with Agnes's sister Imelda's children. (The painting on the wall is one of mine) The children with live chicks in their grannie's living room.
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Agnes' brother Kieran with a salmon he caught on the Moy

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With Jessie at her house in Chingford

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Agnes's with her parents and the childre. This was the last picture of her father who died the following year Sportsday at Ewleme School. Mary in the egg and spoon race.
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A walk on the Chilterns. The children A visit to my sister Elizabeth on the way up to Northumberland
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Agnes and the children with my aunt Helen Aunt Helen and Uncle Henry with Agnes and the children
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Swans on Bolam Lake

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Christmas 1975 at Benson

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