Transparencies taken in 1968

These include the first photos I took of Agnes, whom I met in Decmber 1967 shen she was a Staff Midwife at The London Hospital and I was doing my obstetrics attachment as a medical student.

sli-1968-01.jpg (115467 bytes) sli-1968-02.jpg (97360 bytes)
First photo of Agnes. Maidstone with her niece Geraldine Agnes on her first visit to The Potash
sli-1968-03.jpg (80109 bytes) sli-1968-04.jpg (102887 bytes)
Agnes' first visit to The Potash Christmas 1968. My brother Bill
sli-1968-05.jpg (111052 bytes) sli-1968-06.jpg (121909 bytes)
Christmas dinner 1968. My father carving the goose Agnes and Jessie


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