35mm Slides Taken in 1965

Views around The Potash. Visit to Denmark

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Bill and a friend punting on the Deben

A view of The Potash from the fields


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The Potash from the Brandeston to Cretingham Road

The Barn in the grounds of The Potash

In the summer of 1995 I constructed an ornamental pond in the garden at The Potash

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Bill and my father

Jessie (standing), Betty, Stephen Western, and Jessie's dog. Stephen was a neighbour's son.


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Betty's cat

Betty's sister Joan at her farm in Denmark


Boating Hoiday on the Norfolk Broads with fellow medical students.

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Andrew Suggett on the boating holiday (sadly Andrew has since died)

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Fellow students on the Norfolk Broads

Fellow students on the Norfolk Broads


A picture of my nephew Jonathan.
Christmas 1965 at The Potash with Bill Warren (my father's god-son) and his wife Virginia

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Jonathan playing under the bridge Christmas. Virginia stuffing the goose
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Christmas Dinner Christmas Dinner

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