Japan Revisited
March/April 2003. Page 2

I awoke early on the morning of Sunday 30th March and went straight to the large picture window in the sitting room and pulled back the curtains. There, dominating the sky, was the awe inspiring spectacle of Fuji-yama, rising out of the mists and capped with snow. The series of pictures below, taken on that day, need little further description by me. This experience was undoubtedly the high point of our visit and will be a memory to be carried for a very long time to come.

japan03-fuji1.jpg (1080902 bytes)

Fuji-yama. Early morning from the window of our sitting room

japan03-fuji3.jpg (1263553 bytes)

Kumiko at the steps down to the hotel grounds

japan03-fuji2.jpg (1187293 bytes)

Kumiko, Agnes, John and Kyoko in the grounds of the hotel

japan03-fuji4.jpg (1387327 bytes)

Fuji-yama from a viewing point above the lake at Yamanakako. The mountain is capped by an "orographic" cloud. This attracted a large number of local photographers who told us they called the phenomenon "Fuji-san's umbrella-hat"

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