Japan Revisited
March/April 2003. Page 3

On Sunday 30th March we left the National Parks at Fuji-yama and returned to Tokyo, where we stayed as Kumiko's guests at her apartment for the remainder of our visit. We were keen to see something of the City and for me to have the chance to practise my still rudimentary Japanese - I had been attending evening classes in London since September 2002. My enquiry of a passer-by "Sumimasen, Shimo-ochiai eki, doko desu ka" produced the desired response, and a few minutes later we had purchased tickets at Shimo-ochiai station and were on our way to Yoyogi-goen (Yoyogi Park). The park adjoins the Meiji shrine where John and Kyoko were married in November 2002. It was a pleasant day, and we walked home afterwards to the surprise of John and Kyoko - as it was about five miles.

Our plan on the following day was to travel by train, escorted by John, to the Nikko National Park, a mountainous region about 120 kilometres north of Tokyo, and famous for its shrine and classical Japanese buildings. The photos below were taken around Nikko.

japan03-nikko1.jpg (29429 bytes)

Agnes in the Main Square, Nikko town


japan03-nikko2.jpg (24489 bytes)

Street in Nikko with a backdrop of the mountains


japan03-nikko3.jpg (34012 bytes)

A Fountain in the Shrine


japan03-nikko4.jpg (24677 bytes)

The Main Shrine area at Nikko


japan03-nikko5.jpg (28894 bytes)

Agnes and John buying prayer tickets at the Shrine


japan03-nikko6.jpg (27301 bytes)

Tora (gates) and Cedar Trees


japan03-nikko7.jpg (28552 bytes)

Pagoda. John and Agnes in the foreground

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