From my Slide Collection 1977
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Birthday parties. A visit to our old haunts in Suffolk. Street party at the time of the Queen's Silver Jubilee

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Mary's 7th Birthday

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Birthday Cake Sarah Mary and friend
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The Children outside The Anchor at Walberswick John and my late father's neighbour, Mr Western
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Agnes and the children with John and Edna Western On Dunwich beach
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The estuary of the River Alde from Iken Children on a shingle beach
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John and Agnes John, Agnes, Mary and Sarah


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John's 5th Birthday party John's 5th Birthday party
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John's 5th Birthday party John's 5th Birthday party
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Sarah won the "little visitors' race" at Mary's school, Sydenham High Street party on the occasion of the Queen's Silver Jubilee
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silver Jubilee Street Party

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Silver Jubilee Street Party John and Sarah in the garden at Desenfans Road

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