From my Slide Collection 1976
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We moved to our home in Upper Norwood, south east London. I completed my short service commission with the Royal Air Force and joined the practice at Forest Hill Road on the 1st July. That same month Agnes' father died and we returned to Ireland. John started primary school and Mary went to Sydenham High School

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A visit to London Zoo A visit to London Zoo
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A combined birthday party for the children Mary was 6, John 4 and Sarah 3
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Combined birthday party Ireland. Ruined castle and the mountain Nephin
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Lough Conn Lough Conn and Nephin - the highest mountain in Mayo
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Horse rides. Croagh Patrick in the distance Agnes' mother's cats
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Horse rides Swinging in front of the house
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Agnes and John kicking football Connemara
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Connemara Connemara

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