From my Slide Collection 1975
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The highlight of this year was our holiday in Ireland at Agnes' family home. This was in May and we had virtually three weeks of fine weather

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Our new cat "Skeps" Mary's 5th birthday
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John's 3rd Birthday

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John's 3rd Birthday Mary on a donkey
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Ireland. View over Kiltimagh from Slieve Coilte A day out at Ennischrone
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At Ennischrone At Wesport House. Sarah At Westport House. John
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Wesport House. Agnes and the children Wesport House. Henry and the children
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Donkey rides with Enda at Cordarragh John at Cordarragh
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Donkey rides at Cordarragh Agnes, Sarah, Mary and Enda
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On the way to Croagh Patrick Looking down over Clew Bay from the summit of Croagh Patrick

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