From my Slide Collection 1974
(Third of Three pages)

These are photographs taken after our return from Cyprus

sli-1974-24.jpg (84883 bytes) sli-1974-25.jpg (94408 bytes)
Agnes and Mary on a drive to Achill, Co. Mayo, Ireland Barrastrule Bridge, Co. Mayo
sli-1974-26.jpg (76278 bytes) sli-1974-27.jpg (73258 bytes)
View over Clew Bay On the way to Achill Island
sli-1974-28.jpg (85733 bytes) sli-1974-29.jpg (140501 bytes)
Mary and Agnes. On the way to Achill Farmyard at the back of Cordarragh, Agnes' family home
sli-1974-30.jpg (206790 bytes)

Mary and her Grannie, pulling cabbages.

sli-1974-31.jpg (106214 bytes) sli-1974-32.jpg (144777 bytes)
The fields around Cordarragh Agnes' brother Enda with John and Mary
sli-1974-33.jpg (145612 bytes) sli-1974-34.jpg (199986 bytes)
The family home at Cordarragh Benson village, Oxfordshire. Mary, John, pig and ducks
sli-1974-35.jpg (117674 bytes) sli-1974-36.jpg (120358 bytes) sli-1974-41.jpg (104859 bytes)
Christmas at RAF Benson. Mary and John John Sarah
sli-1974-37.jpg (118085 bytes) sli-1974-38.jpg (128819 bytes)
Decorating the tree John and Sarah
sli-1974-39.jpg (111024 bytes) sli-1974-40.jpg (83515 bytes)
Mary and Sarah Henry and Mary

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