From my Slide Collection 1974
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This was to be our last year in Cyprus. In normal circumstances we would have remained at this posting for a total of three years, but our stay was brought to an abrupt and traumatic end in the wake of the Turkish invasion in the summer of 1974 that was precipitated by the take over by the military junta in Greece. For two days we took cover in our home in Berengaria with sniper fire going off all around us. We were eventually evacuated in a slow convoy to Episkopi, gunfire reverberating all around us. Agnes and the children were evacuated to the UK within days, and Henry stayed on to help care for Turkish refugees encamped in the base, finally coming back to join the family in October. Later that year we went to Ireland. This was the first thime that Agnes had seen or spoken to her parents in over two years

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Jessie came for the New Year. With the children Jessie with the children
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On Lady's Mile beach Stavrovouni monastery, Kyrenia
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Mary at Larnaca This pelican was a resident on Larnaca Beach. The children were afraid of him and called him "The Wasp"
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The Teke of Hala Sultan Larnaca. The maroon Audi Coupe was my car
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Jessie and Agnes with the children on Happy Valley beach

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Agnes and Sarah John - just starting to get up on his feet Mary
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Mary - doll's bedtime Mary and John Mary - her bedtime

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