From my Slide Collection 1973
(Second of two pages)

First photographs of Sarah, our younger daughter. More photos of our posting to Cyprus

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Sarah - she had a shock of black hair Sarah a few days old
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In the garden at Berengaria. John Agnes, John and Mary Mary
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Henry, Agnes and Sarah Sarah on her Christening Day
sli-1973-26.jpg (143134 bytes)

Agnes and Sarah on her Christening Day

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Vegetable and flower garden at Berengaria Vegetable crop
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No 4 Oleander Avenue - our house at Berengaria. Frisky on the roof Agnes and her sister Dympna, and the children at Happy Valley beack Mary at Happy Valley
sli-1973-31.jpg (144777 bytes) sli-1973-32.jpg (83299 bytes)
Mary on Mt Olympus, Troodos Mountains Agnes and John

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