From my Slide Collection 1972
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In the autumn of 1972 we left the UK for what was to be a two year posting in Cyprus. We lived initially in Limassol and then  in services married quarters in Berengaria.

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Agnes and John on the beach at Paphos. At that time it was a quiet seaside village Mary about to set off to "The Magic Roundabout" nursery. We lived for a views weeks in rented accommodation in Limassoll
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Beach barbecue with friends View from the Troodos Mountains
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Another view from the mountains Beach near Kyrenia
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Beach barbecue. Derek Hopper and Serge Maurice Agnes and John
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Agnes, John and Mary. Sunday morning In the Kyrenia Mountains
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The Islamic Shrine - the Tekke of Hala Sultan Henry and his brother Bill, and Mary. Christmas Day 1972
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Mary and her Christmas Present

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