From my Slide Collection, 1970

This was the year when our elder daughter, Mary, was born. My father was delighted with his first grandchild to whom we gave my mother's name. Mary was the only one of his grandchildren whom he lived to see.
In this year too I undertook my first "house jobs" as a newly qualified doctor, and we attended my graduation ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall in the presence of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

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First photo of Mary, with Agnes at the time of her baptism

Mary and her grandfather
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Mary with her grandfather, Agnes and Henry

Mary aged three months, and her mother

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In May, Henry took delivery of a brand new Ford Capri Conferring day May 1970
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Henry did his first pre-registration house job at the Mile End Hosptial - an annexe of The London Tea on the lawn at The Potash with Mary and her grandfather.
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In the garden at The Potash. Mary at four months Mary at about nine months with her father


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