Transparencies taken in 1969

On the 24th May 1969 Agnes and I were married in Dublin. I was 22 years old at the time. These are the earliest photos still in my possession of Agnes' home at Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo in the west of Ireland and include pictures of her parents and brothers and sisters

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Agnes and a friend, Jane Lucas, in John Harrison House Agnes and Henry as an engaged couple
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Agnes and my father's cat "Frisky" at The Potash

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Winter at The Potash. The Morris 1100 was my first car Henry at The Potash Agnes at The Potash

On the 24th May 1969 Agnes and I were married  at St. Andrew's Church, Westland Row in Dublin. The reception was held at the Shelbourne Hotel and we had photos taked on Stephen's Green. We had our honeymoon in Malta

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Outside St Andrew's Church, Westland Row Henry and his brother Bill who was "Best Man"


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Outside the church The Wolfe Tone statue, Stephen's Green. My father and Mrs Roden. Note only four fingers on his right hand!

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On Stephen's Green On Stephen's Green

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Departing from Dublin Airport for our honeymoon in Malta

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Agnes outside the hotel Henry on the cliffs above the beach
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Horse and Carriage

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Agnes trying wild figs Henry on the cliffs
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Frisky playing around the pump ... ... at The Potash
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My father and Virginia Warrend at The Potash

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Connemara. Agnes and Rhododendrons  

Photos taken at Agnes' family home, Cordarragh near Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo in the West of Ireland

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Agnes' brothers Enda and Kieran bringing in the hay  

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