Colour Transparencies 1967

This was the year when I made my first visit to Iceland. The first two photograps were taken in Suffolk and in London

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Brandeston Hall, Suffolk. Taken on a punting outing on the River Deben

Myddelton Square, Islington, on a winter morning. Probably of more interest for its vintage cars


Iceland - August 1967

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View towards Reykjavik

Arbaer "Open Air" museum. Reconstructed traditional houses

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Sulphur pools at Namascard, near Myvatn

Lava formations at Dimmuborgir near Myvatn

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Inside the explosion crater, Hverfjall

The crater Hverfjall

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Henry at Myvatn

Fractured rock near Myvatn

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Campsite near Myvatn On Snaefells. Looking up to the glacier
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A geysir at Hveragerdi The Great Geysir
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The boiling pool of the Great Geysir Gullfoss - "The Golden Falls"
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Gullfoss Hjalpfoss
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Old volcanic shaft in northern Iceland

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