35mm Slides Taken in 1965

These include photos taken at my childhood home at Buckhurst Hill, and at The Potash - the house bought by my father and my step-mother Betty for their retirement in Suffolk; a boating holiday with fellow medical students on the Norkolk Broads, and a visit to Betty's sister Joan on her farm in Denmark

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Jessie in the garden at Buckhurst Hill

Winter sunset at Buckhurst Hill


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Newtonian telescope made by Henry

Henry aged 18 in his room at The Potash


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Croquest on the lawn at The Potash. My brother Bill

Croquet at The Potash. Henry


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London Hospital Rugby Finals

Henry made this small punt to use on the river Deben at The Potash


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My father teasing Betty's kitten


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My father in the garden at The Potash

Tomtiger in my bedroom at Buckhurst Hill. The book on the table is Samson Wright Physiology

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