Our Visit to Mexico, January 2005

In January 2005 we flew for a week's holiday to Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. This involved an 11 hour flight to Houston, Texas and an onward flight of three and a half hours in a smaller aircraft to our final destination. The travelling time itself was exhausting enough, but it was made even more stressful by the demands of the security procedures at Houston. We had a lot of fun in Mexico, but returned to the UK winter quite tired

Quinta Real Hotel - Views around the Pool
The hotel was in some ways a disappointment. Its former views to the sea have been obstructed by recently built hotels and condominiums along the length of the shore. At night it was noisy, both because of its proximity to the airport, an air conditioning plant and inconsiderate guests arriving back very late after a night out.

The pool area was very pleasant and the food excellent.

The Marina Vallarta
The Marina was within walking distance of the hotel and made for pleasant evening outing with its shops and restaurants.

Downtown Puerto Vallarta
The city is full of activity, being a favourite winter destination for visitors from North America. The tourist shops offered a proportion of items of more interest among the bulk of tat.

A Jeep Safari to the rural surroundings of Puerto Vallarta
This was an exciting outing, if at times uncomfortable. We visited a small village, the jungle and another part of the Pacific Coast.
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